Monday, 17 March 2014

Veneer case

Recently completed case

I started treating this very nice patient in 2012. His main complaint was that he wasn't happy with his smile and he would like whiter looking teeth and straighter ones.

He thought veneers on all his upper and lower teeth would be the answer, which in some cases this might be the case, but in this instance I suggested this would not be a good long term result due the amount of crowding he had.

The treatment plan was to first straightening his teeth with clear braces. I used a product called Invisalign to do this and due to the amount of crowding, it took over 1.5 years to move his teeth. Once the teeth were in a better position then I started on the cosmetic treatment.

I firstly made diagnostic wax up of his teeth to show what his teeth would look like with veneers and crowns. then I bleached his teeth with both in surgery bleaching followed by home bleaching, which he did for about two weeks.

Then came the very long 5 hour appointment where I prepared 10 of his upper teeth for veneers and one crown on the upper left central incisor. The veneers spanned from upper left second premolar to upper right second premolar. After treatment, I took impressions which was sent to the lab for the work to be made and the technician also came to visit him. He checked the profile of the patient and also took a shade of his teeth.

Before he left I made a temporary crown and veneers, which were lightly cemented on.

Ten days later, the work returned from the lab and I prepared to fit the work. Local anaesthetic was placed to reduce any chance of sensitivity with the teeth prepared. The temporaries were removed and teeth cleaned and the work was placed to check for the fit and appearance. All looked very good and each veneer was cemented using a cement called Nexsus. Everything was polished and any final adjustments made.

The patient was delighted with the final result and now he has lower implants and a few lower aligners to go to complete his treatment

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