Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A very interesting case for you to see, please see the change and let me know what you think

Two years ago I had a consultation with this patient. he wanted to improve his smile. We discussed numerous treatment options and we decided to first of all straighten his teeth with clear braces. the product chosen was invisalign. After about 15 months of wearing these, the teeth were looking better and the overjet reduced.
The next stage was to carry out some in surgery bleaching to lighten the teeth and new impressions to make a diagnostic wax up.
A diagnostic wax up is when study models are made from the impressions and wax is used on the teeth to have treatment. In this case, we were deciding on porcelain veneers in both the upper and lower arches. This would span from the upper second premolar to the other second premolar. Which in total would be 20 veneers.
For such a large case, I would always recommend a wax up, so that the patient is aware of exactly what is going to be done and how the work will look at the end of the treatment. And even with explaining and seeing the diagnostic wax up, it is common for patients not to fully realize what a huge job they are about to embark on!

 Pre operative photo of my patient two years ago
 Diagnostic wax up to show the patient how the teeth will look after crowns and veneers are fitted.
This shows the patient how the teeth will be trimmed 

 The actual preparations in the patient's mouth

 Below are the temporary crowns and veneers that were fitted for 10 days, whilst the permanent work was being made in the lab.

As you can see this is the end result. The patient wanted quite a light shade, in reality the teeth took a few weeks to settle down. he had some post operative sensitivity and getting used to the feel of his new teeth.
I finally made some upper and lower retainers to protect the work and so far so good!

Hope you enjoyed reading this case and do let me know if you have any comments.


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