Monday, 25 November 2013

Ever wondered what to do if your child has an adult tooth knocked out?

Here's my guide to immediate treatment for a tooth lost as a result of trauma.
1. Find the tooth and pick it up by the crown not the root.
2. If the tooth is dirty wash it under cold running water for 10 seconds and then replant it into the socket.
3. Instruct the child to keep it in place with a handkerchief by applying gentle pressure.
4. If it wont seat in the socket it can be transported in milk or the patients mouth between the teeth and cheek.
5. Seek emergency dental treatment immediately.
6. It is not recommended to replant baby teeth.  In younger children wash the wound with plenty of water and stop the bleeding by applying pressure with gauze or cotton wool.

Remember your child should always wear a gum shield when playing contact sports, and the best of these are the custom fits made by your Dentist.
For as little as £80 we could save your child a lifetime worth of dental treatment!

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