Friday, 1 November 2013

How to keep your child interesting in brushing their teeth
Teaching your toddler to take care of their teeth is just one way you can show your growing child how to take responsibility for his body. This can be a challenge because 3-year-olds are motivated mainly by fun and pleasure. If you want to end potential tantrum situations, your best bet is to make this nightly chore a fun ritual for him. Here are a few tricks you can use to do just that:
Play copycat. Bring your child into the bathroom with you to watch you brush your teeth. While you're brushing, exaggerate a show of excitement and let them start copying with their toothbrush. 
Make the toothbrush a toy. Let them play with it. For example, show him how to brush his teddy bear's "teeth," or even let him brush yours. Create the impression that toothbrushes are fun to use.
Play show and tell. Explain to your little ones about how important tooth brushing is and that it is used to remove sticky stuff that collects on your teeth. The sugar bugs like the sticky stuff, and if they stay there long enough, they'll eat into your teeth, and then your teeth won't be strong and white.
Use your finger as a toothbrush. If they still don't seem excited by tooth brushing then use your finger to clean his teeth. Some toddlers find this less frightening than a long, plastic toothbrush. If you use toothpaste, choose one that has a flavour he likes. 

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